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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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SEO Basics – What is Thin Content?


Every website owner you meet will tell you that content is king. It doesn’t matter how amazing your keywords are if you don’t write meaningful and original content using them. You will see me say this a lot because the content is the most important thing you can possibly bring to your website. Here, I am going to explain to you why you need to ensure that your website is attractive to your visitors, and I will talk about why Google dislikes low-quality content, also known as thin content.

What is Thin Content? 

So what does Google see as thin content? Thin content is considered content that has little to no value to the reader or website user. An example of what Google considers thin content is a doorway page. These can be low-quality affiliate pages or pages that have very little content. Knowing this, you don’t want to swing too far the other way and create a lot of content that is similar or content pages that are considered thin. You will also be punished for content that is not original, pages that have scraped or duplicate content, and pages that don’t have enough content on them. 

Google is also very much against keyword stuffing so if you’re trying to load your pages with keywords in an attempt to get as much attention as possible, you’re going to move down in the search rankings, possibly so far down that people cannot find you. Googlebot is programmed to be extremely intelligent, and it gets smarter and smarter as time goes by. You will not trick it, no matter how hard you try. 

Google is Wanty, but What Does it Want? 

A lot of people say that Google is needy, but I disagree. Google is wanty. It doesn’t need everything it asks for from you, but it wants a lot more than it actually needs. Google strives to provide the best results that can match not only searches but the search intent of users. If you want to rank high, you have to convince Google that you’re providing quality answers for what the user is asking for. If you’re not willing to write extensively on your topics, Google will find someone to rank higher than you. Content that is considered thin will not qualify for Google to rank. 

What do they want? They want to know exactly what your page is about to see if it’s worth providing to their users, if it’s not then your content won’t be displayed. In order to ensure that Google sees your content worthy of showing to its users, you need to write enjoyable, informative copy with quality and accurate SEO to make Google happy before it ever makes it to your target audience.

Strive to Be the Best Result

Google is looking for answers to its users’ questions. In order to convince them that you are the best person to answer those questions, you need to write meaningful copy about the keywords you want to rank for. If you’re keeping a blog about your favorite hobby or something you know a lot about, you may assume that it won’t be hard to satisfy Google’s wanty nature, which is true. Google is looking for an expert in your topic, so be that expert!

Other types of content may be a little more difficult to meet the qualifications. It can be difficult to write elaborate text about certain things and one example of this is an online store. If you have a store that focuses on hundreds of products, it can be very difficult to write extensive text about every product. In cases like this, it is imperative that you provide original introductory text instead of slapping up an image with a buy button next to the price of the item.

If you have a lot of products that are extremely similar, it becomes even more important to optimize the page category instead of the product page or even use canonicals to avoid issues with duplicate content. 

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