Our Mission

 Freelancing in Straight Jackets is owned and operated by Cara Garrsion. I have 14 years of experience writing for an online audience - including ghostwriting, website content, eBooks, and a large selection of clients in various niches. I have experience in a large number of blogging websites, including Wix, Weebly, Blogger, and WordPress...just to name a few. 

Why I Chose Blogger

You may be wondering... if I have so much experience writing online and developing website and blog content, why did I choose blogger as a platform for this blog? Simply put, I chose Blogger to show new writers that it is possible to grow a profitable blog on a free platform with a 99-cent domain name. Heck, you don't even need your own domain name to start growing a blog on blogger, but I felt it was a suitable domain name for a freelancing mom with 4 boys. This place gets a little crazy sometimes. 

Chaos Doesn't Mean You Won't Be Successful!

I'm not going to lie to any of you, being a work-from-home freelancer with kids can get a little chaotic and crazy at times. Sometimes you want to pull your hair out, but the more you learn the less frustrating it can be. Keeping a schedule, understanding limitations, and following reputable blogs that teach you how to navigate the information overload that many new freelancers face is unbelievably important. 

What I Want You to Learn

Right now, I am developing the direction I want this blog to go step-by-step to ensure that you get the right information, in the right order and that this website and blog are easy to navigate, even for newbies. We will cover different aspects of writing online, from how to choose a domain name to how to navigate using different platforms and affiliate marketing. Stay tuned for valuable information to start rolling out!