A lot of people have great, flawless stories about becoming a full-time freelance writer. My story is one built out of necessity, and over time I fell in love. In 2007, I was put on bed rest with my second child and I was already the single mom of a very active, rambunctious toddler. Since I had to pay bills and buy food somehow, I started researching how to make money from my couch. 

At first, I was frustrated, but several months later, I fell in love with freelance writing. Over the last 15 years, my writing has been published on a large number of websites, I have a list of happy clients, and I'm generating enough profit to care for four happy, healthy, expensive boys. But what's the secret?


What is Freelancing in Straight Jackets?

Freelancing in Straight Jackets is built around living a chaotic, crazy lifestyle filled with busy schedules, children, and online writing. I help new writers break into the world of blogging and making money online. 

Not only do I provide advice about building and developing your own blog or website, but we also help you understand the small aspects of making your content stand out and how to draw the most attention to your hard work. Not only do I provide information that I have learned through trial and error, I provide you with resources from other writers and website owners who have fought through the same difficulties I have but have taken it in a different direction.

What All Do We Talk About? 

We are going to talk about a lot of things here. I am a freelancing mom of 4 boys so this blog will incorporate a lot of things other blogging parents will need to know. You will learn how to build a blog and keep it growing, fight procrastination, and you will learn different things I have learned over the years of being a full-time parent and blogger. 

I will organize the content according to keywords to ensure that you don't get lost in the content, but it will all be relevant to blogging, parenting, and life as an online freelancer/gig worker. 

Where to Start

You may be looking at our content wondering where to start? I'll make it easy for you to work your way through the initial setup of your website or blog? I won't expect you to do any fancy navigation or dig for a place to start. My detailed guides will be coming soon.