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Email Frequency - When Should You Mail?


Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a magic formula you could follow or a given schedule that works for everyone? We all wish there was a magic formula that would ensure that we got the best results every time but unfortunately there is no such thing, and there’s a good reason there isn’t. 

Why Isn’t There a Special Formula?

The reason there is no special formula is that every audience and every person is different. Every website has its own needs and needs to draw attention at different intervals. There is no way to make everyone happy with the same actions, but there is a lot you can do to make almost any email frequency work for your website. 

Let’s Lay the Groundwork

One of the biggest mistakes is to have too much time between your marketing emails because then your readers have a chance to forget you. I never recommend for anyone to send emails out less than once per month. For most markets, you will want to send emails at least twice per month. 

On the other end of the spectrum, you don’t want to send more than one email per day on average. Some days you may need to send multiple emails but on your weekly or bi-weekly average, you should not send an email more than an average of once per day.

Making A Decision on Frequency

Start with analyzing what you are doing now and how it is working for you. Then figure out how often you want to send emails. Do you need to grow a closer connection to your readers by sending marketing emails more often? Do you need to drive more traffic back to your website by sending out links more often? Do you need to increase your income by sending emails more frequently? 

Making A Plan

Once you have decided where you are with your current marketing efforts, and where you want to be, you can make a plan to help you get from Point A to Point B. What you don’t want to do is to go straight from emailing once every few months to daily emails. It’ll get your readers clicking the spam button like crazy. Instead, start with monthly emails for a couple of months, then let your readers know you have more to share with them and start mailing weekly. Then a few months later, ramp it up to daily emails.

Or find a good reason why you’re mailing them daily. For example, while you usually publish a weekly newsletter with the occasional promotional email in between, running a 15 or 30-day challenge for your readers is a great excuse to hit their inbox daily without seeming pushy or spammy. 

Listen to your audience when you get feedback on email frequency but also realize that there will always be someone complaining. Look at data like open rates to get a better feel for what frequency is working best for you and your audience. 

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